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With the growing awareness around Africa of bitcoin as a crypto-currency, a means of remittance and a creator of wealth, more and more people in more and more countries are looking to buy it, and asking how and where they can buy it.
Purchasing bitcoin is simple. Simply go online and do a search for “Buying and selling bitcoin in South Africa ““Buying and selling bitcoin in Kenya “Buying and selling bitcoin in Uganda ““Buying and selling bitcoin in Nigeria “ or “Buying and selling bitcoin in Ghana“ – you get the idea. 
To help you though: 
In South Africa, three of the most common (and trusted) platforms are:
In Kenya, the most common (and trusted) platforms) are:
whilst other platforms include:
In Uganda, the most common (and trusted) platforms) are:
whilst other platforms include:
 In Nigeria, the most common (and trusted) platforms) are:
whilst other platforms include:
In Ghana, the most common (and trusted) platforms) are:
whilst other platforms include:
It’s important that you do your own research, and that you buy on a platform that you’re comfortable with. The platforms listed here are a list of platforms, no more than this.
Before buying bitcoin, you need to open a free account on your choice of platform. By opening an account, you create a bitcoin wallet. You then place an order with one of the traders on the platform. Once you have paid the trader, and uploaded a proof of payment, the corresponding amount of bitcoin is sent to your bitcoin wallet. This is really how simple it is. 
The choice as to what to do with your bitcoin is then up to you.  
You could use the crypto-currency to buy goods or services (by sending BTC from your bitcoin wallet to another bitcoin wallet), you could order a Xapo (VISA) card, load your bitcoin onto it and pay for your groceries at Pick n Pay or Woolworths (in South Africa at least) or you could leave it in your wallet for a rainy day – in the hope that the price of bitcoin will increase. (In all likelihood, it will. A year ago, bitcoin was around US$350. Today, it’s over US$1 000 – so the trend is upwards for sure, although there are sure to be downward movements in price before heading higher..)
If there is one drawback to buying bitcoin from an online platform, it’s this:  
if you were to buy one bitcoin on eg you would, after a year, two years or five years, still only have one bitcoin. You would score through the price of bitcoin going up, but you would still only have one bitcoin.
(A better option would be to buy a mining contract through which bitcoin mining is done on your behalf. This would increase the number of bitcoin you hold, but more about this in a subsequent article…). The important thing is that you buy bitcoin as soon as possible. It’s a sure first step to wealth creation….in my opinion, anyway. 


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